Corporate Entertainer

Corporate Entertainer

Vyom Sharma is the premier corporate entertainer in Melbourne, and travels all around Australia to perform at a variety of events.

He uses his talents of magic and mentalism to thrill audiences all around the globe – from the Sydney Opera House, to New York, and everywhere in between, he has amassed a reputation as a powerful performer.

As an event entertainer, Vyom Sharma has unusually extensive experience, including International conferences, gala dinners, academic symposiums, product launches, Christmas parties, leadership summits and more.

However, the truth remains – finding suitable entertainment for your organisation, company, or academic body can be tricky at the best of times!

The performer’s fame or skill is, at the end of the day, not a guaranteed indicator of their potential success in the event – the simple fact is that people’s tastes vary greatly.

Even the world’s greatest violinist at a corporate event risks leaving at least one person in the audience bored simply because they aren’t interested in classical music. This is the pitfall of event entertainment.

The central reasons guests attend events include the theme of the event, the content it provides, the socialising aspects and the connections it helps them make with other guests.

People do not, necessarily, attend directly for the purpose of seeing the entertainment.  The entertainment must win over your crowd!

And to make sure that attendees truly enjoy the entertainment, the most critical thing the entertainer must do, is engage the audience.

And the best way to engage people is to interact with them. Here, as an interactive, comedic corporate entertainer, Vyom Sharma brings a skill set that is peerless.

Not only has he wowed millions on TV and the web, he has performed for crowds of thousands live on stage.  His work as a medical doctor and writer have instilled in him an easy charm that instantly warms him to every crowd, ranging from the corporate elite, to savvy young crowds.

Long before he astonishes audiences with his world class illusions he wins them over with natural charisma and signature comedy that is appropriate in all settings.

There is simply no form of entertainment that you can have at your corporate, academic or organisational event that is more engaging than his brand of magic and mentalism.

Read below to see the types of events which are well suited to his performances

Entertainment for Conference

Vyom Sharma has been the guest entertainer at conferences all around Australia. There is no better way to thrill your guests than with a highly interactive, comedic and mind blowing performance.   These performances can be customised to be from anywhere between 10 minutes to 40 minutes.

The requirements to make such a performance happen are minimal on the part of organisers.  Every engagement with Vyom Sharma begins with a detailed discussion regarding the nature of the event, technical specification requirements, the duration of the entertainment, and the timing of the entertainment.

A point of distinction is Vyom’s ability to communicate your key themes and messages by effectively seeding it through his performance.   Very few performers have the breadth of expertise and nous to communicate effectively with every crowd.  His unique qualifications as a leading performer, medical doctor and writer afford him an unmatched fluency with virtually every crowd.

Entertainment for Special Events and Functions

Vyom Sharma has provided entertainment for charity events, product launches, anniversaries, AGMs, fundraisers and awareness events. Venue specifications are important to discuss here as they can dictate the style, length and nature of the performance.  Often a roving, or walkaround performance of magic can be well suited, where Vyom approaches guests and thrills them with close up magic, which is a fantastic way to break the ice at any function.

Entertainment for Galas

A quality entertainer for galas is paramount!  While musical and dance acts are common in the line-up, the missing ingredient can be an interactive performance.  To maximise the impact of the magic and mentalism, there is extensive liaising with the Audio/Visual team at the venue to ensure lighting, music and sound is optimal.  Often venues hosting galas have a live feed camera available which can boost the performance significantly.

Entertainer for Dinners

Vyom Sharma can offer his skills as an expert after dinner entertainer!  For the best entertainment value possible, the length of the performance is based around both the time of the dinner, and at which point the performance occurs (i.e. after dessert, or after mains).

Entertainer for Christmas Office Parties

Every December, Vyom Sharma will perform at 20+ Christmas parties, or end of year celebrations around Melbourne. Having a live entertainer for a Christmas party is a great way to lift the occasion up a few notches.  Generally these performances are very casual and low key which seems to compliment the mood of most of these functions, where guests want to relax at the end of a busy year.  Often a walkaround/roving style of magic suits these parties very well.


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