Dr Vyom Sharma is a highly sought after keynote speaker for world wide. He regularly is a guest speaker at conferences, coporate and media events.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Vyom Sharma is a highly sought after keynote speaker for conferences and corporate events.

As a guest speaker at events, he brings a rare mix of talent: a medical doctor, an award winning international illusionist and a health commentator with publications in mainstream media and national trade magazines. This unique breadth of experience warms him to every crowd.

Blending his signature humour with his rare brand of expertise, he has delivered inspirational and motivational speeches at events around Australia and New Zealand. He uses a narrative style and his natural comedic style to deliver insights from his unique life.

Key topics include

  • Wellbeing, physical and mental – in the workplace and beyond
  • Belief – how and why people believe the things they do, and how to change them
  • Collaboration as a means to success
  • Goal achievement – the real evidence on what works and what doesn’t
  • Creativity and Innovation – A how to manual
  • Personal leadership
    Work life balance – the mystery solved
    Time management – the myths exposed
    How to influence people – a magician’s guide

His story is immediately intriguing. In parallel with working as a General Practitioner he has forged a successful career as a performer as the 2016 Grand Finalist of Australia’s Got Talent.  He has performed for packed houses at the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New York, Los Angeles, Taipei and everywhere in between.

It truly is a rare blend; high achievement in a conventionally academic field, combined with an unusually ambitious pursuit of creative arts.  He credits this to personal entrepreneurship – which he argues is not merely an innate talent, but a hard won skill that we can all cultivate.

In his light hearted, engaging speeches he shares insights into personal motivation, self-help, team building, goal achievement and leadership.

Keynote Address

Every organiser’s fear is having a keynote address disappoint by failing to engage the audience.

Here, Dr Vyom Sharma’s charisma as a career stage performer, blended with his natural warmth as a doctor, create an experience that is utterly engaging.  The entertainment value of the presentation is guaranteed.  As a way of introduction he catches audiences off guard with his incredible feats of mentalism, showing the talents he has developed.  He then uses humour, narrative and powerful themes to deliver key messages that are central to the event.

Every speaking engagement begins with a detailed discussion with clients about their desires and expectations for the event, to ensure that every keynote speech is uniquely tailored.


    At its heart, we are shown the capacity for wonder.
    - Kate Bettersby, 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival, reviewing SEVEN STORIES
    Ladies man with the rock star vibe...
    -2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival reviewing A Modern Deception
    Suave and polished...
    -2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. reviewing MANIPULATORS
    incredible sleight of hand...
    -2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival. reviewing A Modern Deception